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Which is the strongest point of stability of aerial work platform and r tripod

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-15
Starting from the analysis of the dynamic safety and stability of the aerial platform stacker, from the perspective of applicability, the important warning crane scheme is used as an example to illustrate the dynamic safety and stability of the aerial work platform, and theoretically derive it, following the 'safety coefficient methodEstablish a mathematical model, consider the effects of wind load and inertial force on stability under the effect of the original load, and consider it on the basis of the stability function. Occasionally, it will be affected by a larger external force when it is not working. However, because of the difference in lifting equipment, the length of the crane boom is generally considered, and it can be placed in the air or withstand other maintenance procedures. Therefore, it is impossible to consider the stability of the lagging, even if it cannot be placed in the air, it can also be added to increase its stability against overturning by adding weight. But the aerial platform stacker is different. If the weight is too large, the raising arm will skew backwards when it is raised. Therefore, it is necessary to check its own stability, that is, the center of gravity of the aerial platform stacker falls within the rectangle of the chassis. In order to ensure certain safety, the pressure of the tire on the same side cannot be less than 15% of its own weight. With the continuous development of aspirational use, the safety and stability of self-propelled aerial work platforms have emerged one after another. The staff has made breakthrough developments in the rocker arm frame, the flexible arm frame, the elastic instability of the arm frame, four-wheel steering synchronization, electric leveling, leg extension detection technology, and up and down luffing detection. Amplitude buffer control, rotation display and so on. Choose soft battle anti-collision equipment and electro-hydraulic proportional valve infinitely variable transmission system, and further choose safe and stable products.   With the emergence of modern large-scale construction systems in China, fastener-type aluminum alloy scaffolding can no longer meet the needs of construction and construction. The development and implementation of new methods of aerial work burned eyebrows. The theory proves that the inspection of scaffolding is not only for low-level construction in small areas, but also for the safety of large-scale construction. It is extremely poor in assembly and disassembly, construction costs are difficult to decrease, and the construction site is insufficient. Scaffolding has repeatedly turned into major disturbances due to the following minor dangers: missing sweeping poles, not adjacent to the vertical and horizontal notifications, too large or too small spacing between sweeping poles, etc.; scaffolding cracks, insufficient thickness, and overlaps that do not meet the requirements of the model;   large template After the cancellation, there is no anti-falling net between the inner pole and the wall; the hinged shear brace is not connected in the plane; the open-tooth scaffold is not equipped with diagonal braces; the distance between the small crossbars under the scaffolding board is too large; the wall parts are not rigid on the outside and inside Adjacent; the distance of the protective carving fence is greater than 600mm; the fasteners are not tightly adjacent, and the fasteners slip.
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