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Why are more and more people choosing electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-28
The modern logistics industry has now become a pillar industry of the national economy in the new century. It not only constitutes the carrier and foundation of modern supply chain and value chain management, organically connects production, circulation and consumption, accelerates the process of social reproduction, but also completes the transformation of goods from the production field to the production field with the fastest speed, the best time and the best combination. The transfer process in the consumption field saves circulation costs to the greatest extent.   Known as the 'God of TransportIn recent years, electric forklifts will become more and more popular among users. But on the whole, the market share of electric forklifts is only 21%. Compared with the proportion of electric forklifts in the European and American markets, there is still a considerable difference. This shows that my country's electric forklifts have broad market prospects.  Many advantages of electric forklifts In addition to the characteristics of low noise and no exhaust emissions, in fact, the use and maintenance costs of electric forklifts have great advantages compared with internal combustion forklifts.  Usage cost: The cost of electricity consumption is much lower than that of diesel or liquefied petroleum gas. If we compare a forklift with a load capacity of three tons, a diesel internal combustion forklift consumes diesel fuel per shift (calculated based on the consumption of 40 liters of diesel per shift, and the vehicle consumes 5.5 liters of diesel per hour for 60 VDI cycles. ) The cost is about 196 yuan (4.9 yuan per liter of diesel). If a three-ton electric pallet truck uses an 80V 500AH battery (the battery’s stored power is 8×500u003d40 kWh), it needs to be consumed for one shift (discharge 80%, according to the supplementary charging ratio of 120%) Electricity is about 40 degrees) The cost is about 140 yuan (calculated according to the current industrial electricity consumption of 3.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour). It can save 56 yuan a day, and if it is calculated based on 250 working days a year, it can save 14,000 yuan in energy costs a year. If you use it for 5 years, you can save 70,000 yuan.
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