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Why does the electric forklift charger desulfurize?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-27
If the lead-acid battery of an electric pallet truck is not charged for a long time or used improperly, sulfide will be adsorbed on the lead plate, and the battery will not be charged. Charger desulfurization is similar to using forced high current to remove sulfide to restore the battery to normal charge and discharge. This method is used for emergency rescue and cannot be used much, as it will shorten the battery life.
How much electricity does an electric pallet truck need for one charge?
The electric power required for a full charge of a battery forklift is different depending on the tonnage of the forklift. Take a 1.5-ton forklift as an example, the battery is 48V400AH, and it needs 30 kWh to be fully charged once. Related knowledge:   1, 48V400AH battery,   2, charge once, power consumptionu003d48*400*80%*130%*150%/1000u003d30 kWh,   3, when charging, the battery converts electrical energy into chemical energy, The conversion efficiency is about 50%.   4. When discharging, the battery can only discharge 80% of its power. Overdischarge will shorten the battery life. Overdischarge of the battery will shorten its life by 80%.   5. The average charger efficiency is about 70%. Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and development of electric handling vehicles, electric stacking vehicles, picking equipment, towing vehicles, and AGV unmanned automation equipment. The products have more than 80 specifications and are supplied to domestic and foreign markets in large quantities. It is in Saudi Arabia, Brazil and other foreign airports that have realized the supply and service of a full set of towing vehicles. Its advanced technology, exquisite design, superior performance and quality all reflect the company's research and development capabilities and excellent manufacturing level.
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