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Why is the foot brake of an electric forklift not working?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-23
The gap between the brake drum and the brake shoe of the electric pallet truck is too large, and the gap needs to be re-adjusted; the brake shoe is excessively worn and needs to be replaced; the brake cylinder cup is damaged and swelled, replace the cup; the brake master cylinder inlet and outlet valve If it fails, disassemble the master cylinder for maintenance; there is air or oil leakage in the brake system, let off the air, and check the oil leakage; the free stroke of the brake pedal is too large, adjust the stroke of the brake pedal; the master cylinder is lacking oil, check the oil level of the auxiliary oil cup ; The vacuum booster works badly, disassemble the booster.
clutch slip or non-separation failure reasons

What caused the forklift clutch to slip or not disengage? How to deal with it? The electric forklift manufacturer now introduces to everyone:

1. There is oil on the friction plate or the friction plate is damaged. The solution is to clean the friction plate or replace the friction plate;

2, separate The coupling state of the bearing is pressed on the separating lever. The solution is to shorten the length of the push rod of the sub-cylinder assembly; 3. The free stroke of the release bearing is too large. The solution is to lengthen the push rod in the sub-cylinder assembly; 4. There is air in the oil circuit, this solution is to drain the air in the oil circuit;
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