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Aerial work platform industry research report

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-31
High-altitude channels: safety and economy as the center, renting aerial work platforms (AWP) in the central link of the industrial chain as a new type of high-altitude operation equipment, mainly for satisfying high-altitude operations, as a substitute for traditional scaffolding and other high-altitude operation equipment, high-altitude operations The central essence of platform products lies in safety and economy, and the ecological logic of the professional industry chain also has its own characteristics. It is safe, economical, and has obvious advantages in substitution. It is widely used and mainly built. The product types are diverse. The aerial work platform is born for safe work at heights. It belongs to the field of high-altitude work machinery. According to the national standard 'High-altitude work classification' rules, wherever it is falling Operation at a height above 2 meters (including 2 meters) on the reference plane and where it is likely to fall is called high-altitude operation. The high-altitude operating machinery is designed to meet the needs of high-altitude operations, and is used to safely deliver operators, materials, and things to the designated high-prescribing position. There are many classification specifications for aerial work machinery, which can be divided into two major categories: aerial work platforms and aerial work vehicles according to the nature of the chassis: aerial work platforms: the special nature of the chassis allows it to have a higher degree of freedom in planning, and can be used according to different needs Make customization. At the same time, according to whether the chassis of the operation channel has its own traveling power, it can be divided into self-propelled aerial work platforms (equipped with internal combustion engines or electric motors, capable of traveling) and mobile aerial work platforms (without traveling capabilities, and need external assistance. mobile). In addition, depending on the lifting structure, different types of aerial work platforms can be further subdivided. Taking the self-propelled type as an example, it can be divided into straight arm type, curved arm type, scissor type, gantry type, and mast type. Column type and so on. Subdivided products have their own characteristics and can be used to different operating environments. High-altitude operation vehicles: usually use cars as the chassis. Various types of lifting platforms are added to the cars to complete high-altitude operations. The advantage is that they have outstanding long-distance maneuverability. However, due to the choice of car chassis, it needs to be in accordance with the vehicle product license, annual inspection, etc. The increase in cost has resulted in a relatively low gross profit margin. Aerial work trucks are mainly used in electric power, street lights, transportation, petrochemical, property decoration and other occupations.
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