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Analysis of several main components of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-10

The electric stacker is widely used in our daily life. It is a nervous auxiliary tool for the stacking of goods. Therefore, the role of the electric stacker in modern life is very prominent. I don’t know if you can understand the major components of the tall car, so let’s briefly introduce you.

Introduction to the major components of the electric stacker:

1. Car body

Regarding any kind of vehicle, the car body has always been the most tense component. The car body of the electric stacker is made of steel structure, but it does not have a girder. The strength of the car body is very good, so it can bear weight in practical use.

2. Mast

Most of the electric stackers in our country adopt a wide line of sight The mast, so that the vehicle has a better line of sight during use, and the safety of the electric stacker is very good.

3. Drive parts

The driving parts are the tense part of the electric stacker that can start to work abnormally. There are certain differences in the drive parts of the electric stacker. People can choose the vehicle model needed by their own company according to their own needs, which is better. The work.

4. Brake parts

Brake parts are self-evident about the tension of the vehicle, as long as you have the excellent brake parts, the vehicle's ability is fast Move, notify the operation. When purchasing an electric stacker, users can use this as a basis for tension.

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