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Application Note of Fixed Lifting Platform Maintenance Machine

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-05
Before using the fixed lithium pallet truck platform, drain the hydraulic oil and tighten the joints, take out the hydraulic oil filter and clean it with compressed air, then put it back into the oil tank, connect the pipeline, and replace with new oil to avoid accelerated wear on the moving parts.  What to pay attention to when repairing a fixed electric pallet lift truck table   1. The performance and material of the repaired and replaced parts should be the same as the original parts.  2. When structural parts need to be repaired by welding, the materials and welding rods used should meet the requirements of the original structural parts, and the welding quality should meet the requirements.   3. When the mobile lifting platform is in working condition, maintenance, repair and manual lubrication should not be carried out. As the leader of the user unit, he should attach great importance to the repair and maintenance of equipment. While the equipment creates economic benefits, it should also invest funds in the repair and maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure that the use of equipment creates surplus value.   Do not adjust the overflow valve arbitrarily. Each element in the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform system is planned to work under a constant pressure. Any adjustment of the relief valve may cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic system. When inspecting under the working platform of the lithium pallet truck platform, it is necessary to hang and support the working platform of the lifting platform to prevent the lifting platform from falling suddenly.  According to the new characteristics and new requirements of users of fixed lifting platforms, we continuously introduce foreign advanced technology, make full use of high-tech talents and scientific research advantages, and devote ourselves to technological innovation and new product research and development to meet the needs of modern enterprises' leap-forward development.
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