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Can electric forklifts be driven on urban roads?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-19
It is common to drive electric forklifts on the road, so the question arises: Can electric forklifts be driven on the road? After searching the relevant regulations through the editor, I finally reached a relatively complete conclusion: it is an industrial transportation vehicle, and the forklift must not be driven on the road. Mechanical vehicles must not be driven on the road. According to the appearance structure and main technical parameters of the forklift, the forklift is a kind of special equipment used inside the unit. It is reported that the forklift is a motor vehicle in the factory (yard), which can only be used for loading and unloading goods in the internal area of u200bu200bthe factory (yard), and its driver must hold the relevant special equipment certification. Forklifts and motor vehicles are two different types of vehicles. Forklifts are special equipment, and the certificate required to drive a forklift is called an operating certificate. A motor vehicle is a general vehicle, a type of driving and transportation on the road, and the driver must have a driver's license to drive. Therefore, the driver's license and the operation license are two completely different documents. In addition, because forklifts do not meet the standards for motor vehicles on the road in terms of lighting, braking, and speed, forklifts cannot obtain motor vehicle licenses. According to my country's 'Road Traffic Safety LawIn addition, forklift operators must be certified after forklift training. Before taking a forklift license test, you must first learn to drive a forklift, and you must go through a formal training organization for training. Then the training organization will report the materials and the personnel of the municipal safety supervision bureau will evaluate the driver. Only after passing the theoretical and practical operation test can you get the forklift license. If you want to transfer a forklift, it must be carried to the destination by another vehicle. However, due to market demand, industries that make a living with forklifts have spawned, especially in some township industrial areas. Villagers will see some forklifts driving on the road every day, some are loaded with goods, and some are rushing to loading and unloading locations. . 'Some factories are close to each other, and the cost of using trucks to transport the truck is relatively high. The cost of using a forklift is relatively lower.' The person in charge of the traffic police department said that the traffic police department will penalize the forklift on the road illegally in accordance with relevant regulations.
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