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Electric Pallet Stacker or Manual, Which One is Worth Buying?

Electric Pallet Stacker or Manual, Which One is Worth Buying?


There is no doubt that human life has become easier in many aspects over the years. With advanced machines being manufactured and smart devices taking their positions, we have experienced ease in our everyday life.

People have the marvels of many great machines which make their everyday life easier. We at Staxx take pride in being one of the sources of such incredible machinery and making your life convenient too.

Staxx – A Professional Warehouse Equipment Company

Staxx manufactures the best quality electric pallet stackers. With many designs and innovative technology, the company provides many different types too. Here are some of our leading electrical pallet stackers and manual stackers.  

· Manual Stackers

Manual Stackers are undoubtedly an excellent buy for companies on a budget. These hand pallet stackers are comparatively cheaper than their electrical counterparts, and they work well with heavier weights. The only drawback is that these machines are manually operated, and hence, it will still take strength from the operator to get the job done.

This is one reason these stackers are majorly used in small warehouses or for short-distance carrying and lifting.

1. Manual Hydraulic Pallet Stacker WMS-A Series

This manual stacker from the company's WMS-A Series is undoubtedly one of the best. It gets the job done perfectly and is budget-friendly and user-friendly too. 

This manual stacker tends to carry 1000 to 2000 KGs worth of weight. It can also lift and stack up products and boxes upon each other up to a height of 3000mm. This means that it can get a large number of products from one place to another at a time, and it can also help you assemble and store your products in tall piles.

The forks on the machine are from 210mm to 800mm wide and 1070 in length. This helps the machine carry products and boxes with utmost ease and balance from one place to another. 



2. Manual Pallet Stacker Semi-electric Straddle Leg Stacker

While the product above may seem incredible, it isn't all that Staxx manufactures. When it comes to marvelling at their customers, no one is better than Staxx.

The next product which is the star of our manual pallet operating machines is the semi-electric straddle leg stackers. In the semi-electric range, you get a taste of manual and a touch of electrical operating systems.

In this machinery, one aspect works on the automatic principle while the remaining is manually operated. The push operations are manual, while the lifting process is electrically powered.

This machine can carry up to 2000kgs of weight and place them at about 3500 meters. It is battery operated considering the semi-electric aspect, which has a 12V/120AH powered capacity. 



· Electrical Pallet Stackers

The electrical pallet stackers make assembling products and boxes in warehouses easy. Now workers don't have to carry objects with hands or manual stackers through long distances.

This saves them energy and prevents back issues for many. While these electric pallet stackers are a tad bit more expensive than the manual ones, they are very reliable too. Hence, investing in one machine will benefit you for a long time. Here are some of Staxx's top and most reliable electrical pallet stackers.


1. Pedestrian Electric Lift Stacker 

While it does carry weight a little less than a manually working stacker, it makes the job a lot easier. The electrical stackers can carry weights up to 1500 kg and stack objects 3500mm high. However, that is not all.

It is a multi-functioning system that works entirely without any user effort. These smart technologies are impeccable in their design and working, but their internal manufacturing is just as outstanding. The pedestrian electric lift stacker has working wires which are designed to perfection. This ensures the machine works for longer durations and prevents any failures. 

Along with this, the machine works at an adjustable speed too. Hence, it can be set on any mode of pace you like. Make it work slowly like a turtle or run like a tiger; it will work well on both. 



2. Custom Staxx Electric Pallet Stacker

This machine provides high efficiency and effortless stacking, making your warehouse look presentable and well-organized. It works on many different high-level functions and makes carrying and stacking products and objects easier.

This tends to carry weights up to 1500 KG and stack them 3500 mm high. It has a battery of 24V/75AH, and the battery is charged through a built-in charger. So you don't need to worry about putting all the machines on charge in case they run out of it.

The machine is augmented with smart reality and understands the instructions perfectly well. It can be adjusted from the fastest to the slowest speed and does not increase its speed by 2km/hr. the forks are over 500 mm in height.  



While these were some of Staxx's most famous pallet stackers, this is not all the company has. At Staxx, we take pride in manufacturing the best products that work well for users and accommodate them in many aspects. If these products intrigued you, how about you check many of our other associated products on the website? We are sure you will end up buying a few from us too.

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