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How To Use A Battery Operated Pallet Truck Step By Step

How To Use A Battery Operated Pallet Truck Step By Step


Lithium pallet jack are heavy-duty electric lifts that move pallets around on a factory floor. They're typically used to transport goods from one point in the factory to another, or for loading and unloading semi-trucks at shipping docks.  In order to use a battery operated pallet truck, you need to know how to operate the lift, how to move the forks, and how to steer the lithium pallet jack. Staxx pallet truck manufacturer will show you the basic operating steps below.


The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use a pallet battery operated pallet truck.


Step One: Unplug the Electric Pallet Truck

As you know, the battries of the electric pallet truck need to be charged to operate. Before you use it, you need to make sure that the batteries of the pallet truck are fully charged and you need to unplug the charging power cord to ensure the safety of electricity use.


Step Two: Adjust forks to load cargo

The forks on the lithium pallet jack can be raised and lowered to accommodate pallets of different sizes. To adjust the fork height, find the lever on the front of the battery operated pallet truck and lift it up or down. The higher you raise the lever, the higher the fork will be; conversely, the lower you lower the lever, the lower the fork will be. Next, you need to slowly move the pallet jack's forks under the pallet you need to carry, then operate the lever again to raise the already loaded forks to a height where they won't rub against the ground.


Step Three: Operating The Levers Of The Pallet Truck

After successfully loading the goods, you need to adjust the control lever of the lithium pallet jack, there is a button to adjust the running speed on the control lever, among which you can choose to maintain the normal speed and run the battery operated pallet truck at 2 times speed. There are also buttons to control forward and backward on the truck control panel, you can operate it if needed.


Step Four: Move the Lithium Pallet Jack

After adjusting the position of the cargo and the levers, you can move the lithium pallet jack to the desired position by manipulating the control lever and pressing the forward or reverse buttons. Be careful not to hit anything with the fork as this could damage the pallet or the object you are transporting.


Step Five: Lower the Pallet

When you reach your destination, depress the control button to stop the lithium pallet jack and lower the forks. After the pallet is lowered, operate the battery operated pallet truck away from the bottom of the cargo pallet and, if necessary, press the reverse button to remove the battery operated pallet truck from the pallet.


That's it! You've now learned how to use a lithium pallet jack. Happy transporting!


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