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Staxx MHE Electric Pallet Truck - Your Perfect Warehouse Companion

Staxx MHE Electric Pallet Truck - Your Perfect Warehouse Companion


Loading and unloading can be hectic without a reliable pallet truck in any warehouse. Let’s know how a fully powered pallet truck can ease your warehouse activities. 

If you have been looking for a high quality, fully electric pallet truck for your warehouse, you have come to the right place.

Staxx provides you with its amazing electric pallet trucks that make your warehouse workload seamless. Let's have a detailed look at our fully electric pallet truck.

What is an Electric Pallet Truck? 

The powered pallet truck is an electric vehicle engineered for carrying your pallets across the warehouse in a seamless manner. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries that need charging after prolonged usage.

Benefits of an Electric Pallet Truck 

The biggest benefit of an fully electric pallet truck is the time it saves you. Instead of transporting stacks individually across the stockroom, you can now move a bunch of them together.

It also protects you from injury as lifting and moving heavy metallic and wooden frames is often risky.

Why Choose Staxx Powered Pallet Truck 

Staxx is a reliable name in the powered pallet truck industry with years of experience. We provide you with high-quality pallet trucks at affordable rates not found anywhere else. Our fully electric pallet trucks are manufactured following the latest industry quality control standards.

Staxx takes its customers seriously and always listens to their suggestions, queries, and complaints. Our harmonious relationship with worldwide customers brings them a better service experience.

Let's have a deep dive into the electric pallet trucks offered by Staxx.

Semi Lithium Electric Pallet Truck PPT 20H

This semi lithium pallet truck is compact and can operate in tight spaces where other pallet trucks might have a hard time. Not only is it highly ergonomic, but its easy maintenance also makes it a great option.

When unladen, its speed is 5km/h or 3.1 mph. When fully laden and fully electric, it moves at 4km/h, and 3.5 km/h when semi-electric.

Here are some of the most prominent features of the PPT 20H:

1. Almost the same size as a regular hand truck

2. Lightweight and three times more efficient than a manual truck

3. Three times more long lasting than a manual truck 

4. Five years chassis warranty

5. Battery removable in just 6 seconds

6. Highly functional brakes allowing you to stop the vehicle regardless of your location

7. Quick lifting pump available 

8. Maintenance free brushless drive motor

9. Maintenance free lithium-ion battery

10. Recharge alert for timely charging

Its multifunction handle contains an LCD that displays a battery indicator, error code display, and recharge alert. The integral forks of PPT 20H are ideal for handling a single load wheel.

If you're in a hurry, faster charging is available too which takes 2.0 hours for a 10Ah battery and 3.0 hours for a 15Ah battery. 

Custom Electric Pallet Truck EPT 15H/20H

This 15H/20H powered pallet truck is another great offering by Staxx which is ready to handle your warehouse load. It is simple to operate, reliable, and economical, providing a perfect package for your warehouse needs. Most of its parts are similar to a hand pallet truck, making it easier to maintain.

Given below are some of its most important features:

1. A 5-year chassis warranty 

2. 6% gradeability with 1500/2000 kg load

3. Easy to stop anywhere with its highly effective brake

4. Can work anywhere from slope, platform, or truck tail lift

5. Simple handling with upright driving

When loaded and fully electric, its speed is 4km/h. When turned a notch down to semi-electric, its speed is reduced to 3.5km/h.


The Bottom Line 

As you can see, Staxx provides you with everything you need in a reliable and effective powered pallet truck. We bring you a variety of trucks so that you can choose one according to your preferences and needs.

The usual delivery time for a truck is 20 days. Staxx's customer care team is always ready to answer your queries. You can fill out the contact form on the website or call us.

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