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Key Points for Selection of Electric Stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-04
1. Semi-electric or all-electric electric stacker trucks are divided into semi-electric and all-electric. Semi-electric electric is improved, human-powered walking is improved, and fully-electric walking is improved. The price of different models is also different. 2. AC and DC AC motors are machines used to transform mechanical energy and AC electrical energy. Because of the tremendous development of the AC power system, AC motors have become the most commonly used motors. Compared with DC motors, AC motors do not have a commutator (see the commutation of DC motors), so the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, and relatively sturdy. It is simple to make a high-speed, high-voltage, high-current, and large-capacity motor. The coverage of AC motor power is very large, ranging from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, and even millions of kilowatts. In the early 1980s, the largest steam turbine generator reached 1.5 million kilowatts. A DC motor defines a rotating motor whose output or input is DC electric energy, called a DC motor, which is a motor that can convert between DC electric energy and mechanical energy. When it operates as a motor, it is a DC motor, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; when it operates as a generator, it is a DC generator, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The AC motor does not need a reversing contactor (travel, retreat reversing), saving parts. More importantly, AC motors have no carbon brushes and commutators. Not only does the size of the motor become more convenient and exquisite, the working speed is increased, and the trouble of regular inspection and replacement of carbon brushes is completely eliminated. The biggest advantage brought by this is: the motor does not need protection for life, which greatly enhances the reliability and stability of the electric stacker; in the design of the electric stacker, there is no need to consider the reserved space for motor repair, and even the motor can be It is sealed to make the structure design more compact. 3. Mechanical steering and electric steering The mechanical steering system uses human strength as the steering power and does not require an electrical control system. The hydraulic power steering system (HPS) is a steering system formed by adding a steering booster device (electric motor, oil pump, etc.) on the basis of a mechanical steering system. Electronic steering is actually a steering that does not need to be hydraulically driven but relies on electronic induction to control the electric motor. The electric motor assists in the implementation of steering. This kind of steering is often used in Japanese forklifts. It is called EPS steering. It has a special EPS steering control panel, the steering under the steering wheel. The machine is not the previous hydraulic type, but an electronic sensor, which will adjust the steering motor's rolling according to the viewpoint of your steering wheel. The advantage of this kind of steering is that it is convenient, clean, and does not take up space. With the function of electric automatic reset, your point of view will automatically reset to straight every time you park or unlock the electric wheel. Different prices for choosing electric stacker equipment are also different.
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