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Operation method of electric forklift brake fluid

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-25

Brake fluid is what we often call brake fluid. Regarding electric forklifts, how should the brake fluid be manipulated when it is added? Here is a brief understanding.

Manipulation steps of electric forklift brake fluid:

1. The brake fluid of electric pallet truck has the necessary toxicity, and the mouth cannot be used to introduce it when introducing it.

2. The brake fluid of an electric pallet truck has a damaging effect on the coating of the body shape, and will produce a 'paint bite appearance'. Therefore, when communicating and filling, it is necessary to prevent the brake fluid from dripping on the coating of the car body.

3. Before changing the brake fluid of an electric pallet truck, it is necessary to clean the oil and soil in the fluid filling port and bleed screw of the brake system to prevent impurities from entering.

4. Obstruction and other brake fluid assimilation applications. After assimilation, the appearance of dirt or accumulation will appear, which will not only greatly reduce the function of the original brake fluid, but also the accumulation of particles will block the pipeline and constitute a serious consequence of brake failure.

The above are the abnormalities that need to be paid attention to when the brake fluid is introduced in the electric forklift. The control staff pay attention to such abnormalities when introducing the brake fluid, so that the safety and effectiveness of the introduction can be guaranteed.

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