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Operation points of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-05
1. The operator is prohibited from driving under the influence of alcohol, overweight, super high, and speeding, and stop sudden braking and sharp turns. Prevent stacker trucks from entering places where solvents and flammable gases are stored. 2. The safety equipment of the electric stacker must be completely intact, the components are active and effective, and the technical functions are outstanding. The stacker is prohibited from traveling with illness. 3. When the electric stacker is running, if the electric controller is out of control, disconnect the main power supply in time. 4. In operation, special attention should be paid to timely charging and correct protection of the battery. When charging the battery, pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery fully charged, but also not to form the battery over-charging. 5. Adhere to the standard running condition of the stacker. When the fork is moving away from the ground, the fork is 10-20 cm away from the ground. When the stacker is stopped, it will drop to the ground and move left and right. When operating under poor road conditions, its weight is appropriately reduced, and The traveling speed of the stacker should be reduced. 6. During operation, do not mistake the forward and backward direction switches as steering switches. Unless you need to decelerate urgently, do not directly step on the brake pedal. During the operation of the vehicle, when it is found that the battery is lacking (it can be obtained through the meter, the power loss indicator and other alarm devices, the battery should be charged as soon as possible to avoid over-discharge of the battery. 7. The electric stacker is in operation. , Don’t always use tight braking during high-speed travel, otherwise it will cause huge conflicts between the brake assembly and drive wheels, shorten the service life of the brake assembly and drive wheels, and even damage the brake assembly and drive wheels. 8. In the operation of an electric stacker, use as little as possible for long and long-distance acceleration. When the stacker starts and the speed increases, steady and accelerate the pedal. If the road condition is better, the stacker will continue to accelerate. The stacker needs salty time. When speeding, relax the acceleration pedal and lightly depress the brake pedal to make full use of the deceleration energy. If the stacker has a regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy at salty speed can be recovered. When the vehicle is going down a slope, Do not disconnect the circuit of the stacker truck's driving motor, and quietly step on the brake pedal to make the lithium pallet truck operate in regenerative braking conditions, use the kinetic energy of the vehicle's downward movement, and reduce the energy consumption of the battery.
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