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Seasonal maintenance of electric pallet trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-27

Although we are still in the process of fighting against the epidemic, the climate has already started spring, and we can also feel that the weather is gradually warming up. As drivers and friends of electric hydraulic pallet trucks, it is clear that the maintenance of equipment is very important when changing seasons. How much do you know about maintenance? Follow along today to learn some maintenance tips for electric hydraulic pallet trucks when the season changes!

All pallet truck drivers and friends know that each season has different maintenance methods. I want to tell you that we should do the following for the maintenance of electric hydraulic pallet trucks in seasons. :

The external maintenance of the vehicle should be in place. There is a lot of dew in the morning and evening in the spring and autumn, and the surface of the electric hydraulic pallet truck is usually very wet. If the car body has obvious scratches, it should be sprayed immediately, otherwise the scratched position will rust. Chassis maintenance is also very important, and drivers usually ignore the state of the chassis. When oil leakage and chassis deformation are found, the chassis has long been embroidered, and serious deformation will occur. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly maintain the state of the electro-hydraulic pallet jack chassis while protecting the exterior of the vehicle.

Tire maintenance Tires play a vital role. In summer, when the temperature is high, we need to check the air pressure of the tires frequently to prevent the tire from blowing out due to high air pressure. In spring and autumn, due to the relatively low temperature, the tires will also become fragile. It is recommended to keep them from being injured and punctured. Regularly check whether the oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze in the engine compartment are lacking, deteriorating, and whether the circulation is blocked. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in spring and autumn, it will cause slight deformation of the brake components, and the brake system should be repaired if necessary.

The electric hydraulic pallet truck is equipped with a heating duct or fan. Friends in the north should pay attention to the condition of these parts in winter. If there is a problem of line aging, it should be dealt with immediately; for the maintenance of the intake pipe or the intake grille, it is necessary to check whether there is any debris in these parts. When the engine is cooled, the above areas can be cleaned from the inside to the outside with a water gun. Remind everyone that battery maintenance is also not to be ignored. Always check the electrode wiring of the battery, and if there is green metal oxide in the electrode wiring, clean it up immediately to avoid insufficient capacity of the generator battery or even lead to the battery being scrapped.

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