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Simple Operation And Excellent Performance Will Become A Must-have Feature Of Electric Pallet Truck

Simple Operation And Excellent Performance Will Become A Must-have Feature Of Electric Pallet Truck


Nowadays, lithium electric pallet trucks of electric series products have already become the most popular raw material handling equipment in the manufacturing industry. The market share of manual pallet trucks and diesel forklifts has gradually declined because everyone has an in-depth understanding of environmental protection, energy-saving and environmental protection concepts. Lithium electric pallet trucks, electric stacker series products, electric forklifts will eventually become popular raw material machinery and equipment in the new era. Then, according to the STAXX electric pallet struck manufacturer, the lithium ion pallet jack is considered ideal electric pallet truck. The warehouse handling equipment can be very expensive. And any defective or unreliable items can cause delays in your warehouse, What's worse, It can lead to accidents. Thus, we believe that only products that are easy to repair, safely operate, high quality and efficiency can meet the needs of consumers, and the lithium ion pallet jack of STAXX electric pallet truck manufacturer can meet various kinds of customers' expectations.


Easy maintenance

Easy to operate and easy to maintain, which makes customers feel satisfied. It is also easier to apply.

1. Equipped with a lithium electronic system, after the components are fully tested, the lithium battery pallet truck needs to pass the compatibility test

2. Collecting customer feedback and debugging main components, we continuously improve the lithium electric pallet trucks from all aspects.

3. The lithium ion pallet jack has a brushless drive motor, which is maintenance-free

4. In the upright driving mode, operate the unit when the handle is at any position and the pallet truck will move, and please avoid misuse

5. The battery box cover is easy to open, and the battery can be replace in 6 seconds, improving the efficiency of the pallet truck

6. The lithium ion pallet jack is equipped with an intelligent braking system, the vehicle can be stopped anytime and anywhere to ensure the safety of users


Easy to operate

The easier operation of the lithium electric pallet trucks, the more popular it is. Because the lithium ion pallet jack is easy to operate, simple and efficient, it also makes the electric pallet truck quickly sell in the sales market.

1. The rocker head of the ergonomic design scheme of the lithium electric pallet trucks is beautiful and simple, and all the actual operation functions can be easily completed with simple buttons on the rocker.

2. The joystick of the ergonomic design of the electric pallet truck is convenient for left-hand and right-hand operation, and improves the safety of driving comfort.

3. The longer control rocker greatly reduces the turning force and makes the control more lightweight.

4. The body of the whole vehicle is shorter, which makes the minimum turning radius of the vehicle smaller, which improves the flexibility of actual operation.

5. Lithium electric pallet trucks, compact body, suitable for any small places where manual trucks are used.


High safety index

All machinery and equipment, raw materials, machinery and equipment must make a big difference at the level of the safety design plan, otherwise, it will be difficult to develop a long-term trend, and lithium ion pallet jack is not included. Safety is the key to this machinery and equipment.

1. The high-quality electronic control system reflects dexterously and is easy to operate.

2. Super heavy-duty design, compact structure, suitable for narrow indoor space.

3. Large space battery to ensure long-term work.

4. Low-voltage maintenance function, maintain the rechargeable battery and increase the service life.


Excellent performance and high reliability

For customers, the spare parts of lithium ion pallet jack is an important part, and only good spare parts can guarantee all the product characteristics:

1. Equipped with lithium battery, it is more efficient, faster, more precise in operation and more stable in operation.

2. It has a stronger driving force and keeps running at a high speed under full load conditions. Different load climbing degrees can load different weights of goods, making the work more general and more efficient.

3. Reliable quality and excellent characteristics, which can save more human resources compared with manual pallet handlers

4. Hydraulic system with the features of low noise, small vibration, good sealing characteristics, fully automatic adjustment of the full load and full load reduction rate to ensure stable and reliable lifting and lowering.

5. The high-toughness car shape design of the electric pallet truck is suitable for high-toughness workplaces and has a long service life.


The above is the definition of the idealized lithium ion pallet jack that STAXX electric pallet truck manufacturer introduced to you. We hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. Electric pallet trucks are very important for warehouse handling. In the process of gradual upgrading of electric pallet trucks, STAXX electric pallet truck manufacturer definitely hope that it can be easily used, which saves various complicated and redundant processing steps. For this kind of mechanical equipment, the simpler the better, the better the performance. STAXX is a high quality warehouse handling machine supplier in China, specialized in professional pallet truck and pallet stacker wholesale and manufacturing for more than 10 years, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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