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The Way To Use A Pallet Truck - Manual Pallet Truck

The Way To Use A Pallet Truck - Manual Pallet Truck


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If you bought a hand pallet truck but feel confused about its operation? Readout this article from Staxx hand pallet truck manufacturers about the way to use a manual pallet jack, I believe you can easily get started or even be proficient in using it.

Hand pallet trucks are common material handling machines in warehouses, which can save human resources and improve work efficiency. They are easy to operate and make the horizontal moving stress-free. But every warehouse faculty asks how to use a manual pallet jack once in a while.

These are a simplistic version of forklifts. And being safer than manual exertions they are catching the spotlights. Therefore, it is necessary to know how one should operate a hand pallet truck.

Operating a pallet truck isn’t rocket science. And the manual pallet jack of STAXX hand pallet truck manufacturers is easy to operate. If you know how to use it, it minimizes your daily exertions by half. So, let’s see how this tool helps in making the most in a day.


Step 1: Finding the Release Lever

Firstly, stand behind the hand pallet truck. Next, search the handle for the lever.  And the lever on the handle of the pallet truck controls all the functions.

You will observe that the lever moves in three positions. Thus, the hand pallet truck has three operational modes:

The down position: When you push the lever down, it sets the pallet truck into the lifting mode.  It means that you have to pump several times to lift the load.

The up position: Moving the lever upwards lowering its forks. It is the mode that allows you to unload the skid of the pallet jack.

The neutral position: Both the up and the down modes are for driving the pallets. Always use the neutral mode (by keeping the handle in the middle) to move the load around.  


Step 2: Inserting the forks

You have to lower the forks before inserting them in the fork openings of the load. Press the release lever upwards to lower the forks such that they perfectly fit in the pallet.


Step 3: Moving the Hand Pallet Truck When Loaded

Once you lower the forks, Slide them under the loaded pallet. Lowering according to the pallet.

Again, insert the forks under the pallet. Shift to neutral position once the prongs fit firmly under the skid.  


Step 4: Pumping and Lifting the Load

Next, pull the handle of the manual pallet jack downwards and towards you. Make sure to pull it away from the skid.  Once the handle tilts into a comfortable position, start lifting several times so that the load is entirely above the floor.

Note: Ensure that you slide the prongs through the pallet’s fork openings. If the prongs of the lifter do not pass through, they will rest on some part of the pallet. Thus, hindering the lift.


Step 5: Moving the Load

Once the load is off the floor, put the lever back into its neutral position. For pushing the load, keep the handle vertical and push. Otherwise, you can pull the handle and when in a comfortable position, pull it to get the load to its location.


Step 6: Unloading

Finally, press the handle upwards to lower the forks, when you reach the location. Once the unload is finished, shift the lever to a neutral position and pull it out of the skid.

For safety,  use the pallet truck stops when the trucks are not in use. There are some models which feature breaks as well. These brakes come in handy when you have to stop a potential runaway.


Why Do You Need To Consider Investing In A Hand Pallet truck?

Now you know how to use a manual pallet jack correctly, let's look at some benefits. Most of the warehouses have pallet forklifts. But still, they don't always increase the productivity percentage as they confuse your staff.

Training your staff to use forklifts needs more time and effort. In contrast, manual pallet jacks prove much more gainful.

Unlike forklifts, manual pallet trucks have a light and easy-to-use design. Also, hand pallet truck don’t demand much extra maintenance and keep up like other warehouses. They have a minimal initial cost which does valuable work for years.

Furthermore, investing in a pallet jack will save the efforts used in staff training.


Final Words

Forklifts are complicated warehouse equipment that needs effort for training and use. Consequently, the manufacturers came up with a more suitable option pallet truck

Depending on the project's scope, both of them are convenient. But a lot of construction sites use manual truck pallets. STAXX is a pofessional hand pallet truck manufacturer, we fetched a trouble-free guide on how to use a pallet truck to solve your confusion. Sincerely hope to be able to solve the problem in the field of hand pallet truck.

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