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What are the requirements for the installation site of the aerial work lift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-06
1. The engineering site should be open, with a broad field of vision, and no obstacles on the ground and in the air. 2. According to the requirements of the ground endurance in the manual, select the foundation of the high-altitude operation electric pallet lift truck equipment. It is forbidden to install and disassemble by non-professional installation personnel. Pay special attention to the welding seams of the base of the gantry standard section. If there is any abnormality, deal with it immediately. 3. Strictly follow the operating rules, conditions and work sequence of the 'Gantry Operation Manual' to install. 4. Choose suitable hoisting equipment and slings. Installation workers must be certified to work. 5. Operators follow the unified command of the person in charge of the ground installation. The ground personnel should wear safety helmets and stand in a safe place. Professionals should provide safety police guidance. Non-installation personnel are prohibited from entering the police guidance line. Personnel working at heights should wear safety helmets and wear safety helmets. Installation and disassembly operations are generally not allowed in rain, fog, and snow, and installation and disassembly operations are not allowed when the wind speed exceeds 13m/s. 6. It is forbidden to enter the next device process without inspection or unqualified inspection. 7. It is forbidden to throw objects and parts on the ground from high altitude. 8. Ensure that the safety device is flexible and reliable, test run, inspect and transfer. 9. After the high-altitude operation electric pallet lift truck installation is completed, carefully check whether each part of the installation process is safe and reliable to ensure that the height and component limiter work normally. 10. Strictly implement the 'Elevator Safety Regulations' and 'Elevator Operation and Operation Regulations'.
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