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What are the specific reasons for the vibration or shaking of the electric forklift when it starts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-16
When the electric pallet truck starts, the vehicle body shakes or shakes. It may be that the height of the separation lever is inconsistent. The forklift clutch bottom shell should be removed, and then check whether the height of the separation lever is the same. If the height is inconsistent, readjust it immediately. If the head of the separation lever is worn too much, you should Repair or replace immediately. If the moving plate and drum rivets of the electric pallet truck are loose, the friction plate rivets are exposed, and the driven plate is warped and uneven, it will also cause the forklift to start vibration, and the spring of the pressure plate may be uneven or broken individually, and the pressure plate has grooves. shock. The method to solve the starting vibration of the forklift caused by this reason is to tighten or repair the moving plate and the pressure plate groove. If the pressure plate spring is broken or the elastic force is uneven, it should be replaced with a new one immediately. If the fixing bolts of the engine are loose, the fixing bolts of the transmission and the flywheel housing are loose, the fixing bolts of the clutch cover are loose, and the fixing bolts of the flywheel are loose. Step on and lift the forklift clutch release pedal first, and check whether the clutch release bearing can advance and retreat flexibly. If it can and cannot be fully retracted, then check whether the release bearing return spring has fallen off, broken or is too weak. If so, repair it immediately Or replace. If the inspection finds that the transmission and flywheel housing fixing bolts, engine fixing bolts and clutch fixing bolts are loose, they should be tightened immediately.
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