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What is a pallet trolley jack and its types?

What is a pallet trolley jack and its types?


Pallet trolly jack is the backbone of every industry dealing with material handling equipment. It is a primary warehouse lifting equipment to move materials and other objects safely and quickly. People commonly think about manual lithium pallet jack when it's about pallet trolly jack. These are not the only pallet trolley jack option you can find out there.

However, don’t you know much about what is pallet trolley and its different types? Get all the details about this topic here.  

So, here we go:

What is Pallet Trolley Jack?

A pallet trolley jack is an important warehouse lifting equipment used to lift and transport pallets. A pallet jack is one of the most basic forklift forms. It is one of the essential pieces of equipment for warehouses. Most importantly, these trolley jacks are ideal to use in stores and warehouses with restricted sizes. Where it's difficult to use hefty vehicles to lift products and move around to put those into racks or storage areas.

A basic pallet jack usually consists of different parts. These include:

· Forks

· Load wheels

· Linkages

· Handle

· Wheeled trolley

· Hydraulic pump

Warehouses commonly use pallet jacks to move small loads for a short distance. These manual and powered pallet trolley jacks are also used to unload and load trucks.

Not all the pallet jacks are powered. However, you can find motorized pallet jacks too in the market easily.


What are the different types of pallet trolley jack?

Different types of pallet trolley jacks are available out there. These are considered cost-effective alternatives to forklifts and other such tools. Here we will learn about the different pallet trolley jacks you must know.

So, have a look at the details below:


Manual pallet trolley jack

Manual pallet trolleys are hand-powered jacks commonly available in personal warehousing and retail operations. These are primarily used to lower, lift, and steer pallets from one location to the other. The general load capacity of manual jacks is about 5500 lbs.

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Rider pallet jack

Here is another common type of pallet trolley jack available. This type of trolley jack usually has a platform to stand for the operator. These are pretty similar to electric walkies. It requires a rechargeable battery for power. This type of pallet jack is heavier and bigger comparatively. Therefore, these are best suited for long distances and bigger warehouses.

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Electric pallet trolley jack

Electric trolley jack also called lithium pallet jack, serve the same uses as manual pallet jacks. However, these are pretty different in terms of their operation. Electric pallet jacks don’t require a hydraulic pump to function. Instead, this pallet trolley jack uses buttons or a lever to raise the jack’s prongs. These jacks also get their power from rechargeable batteries and may need charging between uses.

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Final thoughts

Overall, a pallet trolley jack is a widely used warehouse lifting equipment. However, these can also be used at other locations, such as construction sites, stores, etc. A lithium pallet jack is highly useful to transport loads across warehouses. 

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