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What is driving the rapid development of China's aerial work platform market

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-31
1. High efficiency The panel production of high-speed railways, the construction of high-speed railway stations and the development of e-commerce all require high efficiency and rapid development. In these industries, time is a very large cost. If the construction of the LCD panel production line exceeds the scheduled production time, it may become a backward and obsolete product. 2. High-standard construction Only high-standard buildings and stadiums will produce large and complex installation requirements for ventilation, fire protection, water and electricity, anti-corrosion, decoration and other facilities, which requires cleanliness and requirements for on-site construction. The construction of smart devices. 3. High-end industries Only high-end manufacturing and service industries can generate high added value and high profit margins, and pay more attention to efficiency requirements and costs. In the long run, due to the disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the increasing emphasis on operational safety, the growth trend of the aerial platform stacker market will be a long period of time. In this process, the development of high-end manufacturing and service industries determines whether the aerial platform stacker market will continue to maintain rapid growth, which determines whether the Chinese market can narrow the gap between the European and American markets in a short period of time. time.
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