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Will your electric forklift be as durable as before in winter?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-05
With the advent of winter and the sudden drop in temperature, the majority of electric forklift users begin to worry: in cold weather, the battery of electric forklifts is not as durable as before. In summer, it can work for 8 hours with a full charge of electricity, and it can only work for 5 hours in winter, so many car owners In the winter, the electric forklifts have to be replaced. manufacturers are here to remind everyone: The temperature is low in winter, and it is normal for the storage capacity of lead-acid batteries to decrease. It has nothing to do with the quality of the battery. Users should not blindly replace the battery. At present, 90% of the electric forklifts sold and used on the market use lead-acid batteries. As the temperature drops, the activity of various substances in the lead-acid batteries will decrease, and the storage capacity will also deteriorate. When the temperature is around 25°C, the lead-acid battery can store electricity normally and can discharge to the maximum; when the temperature drops below 10°C, the power stored in the lead-acid battery will be reduced by 20%. When the temperature is below 0℃, the stored electricity will be reduced by 30% or more. Therefore, even if it is a newly purchased electric forklift, the problem of poor working ability may occur in some winters. Generally, the best charging environment temperature for electric forklift batteries is 25°C. Residents who have heating at home should preferably charge the electric forklift or electric forklift batteries indoors to enhance the battery's power storage capacity and extend the working time. However, indoor charging has a greater fire hazard and is not the first choice. In fact, it is a reality that electric forklift batteries are not durable in winter, but if battery companies can develop a battery suitable for winter use, it would be great!  Due to the cold and dry winter, I would like to maintain and maintain the electric pallet truck well. The best treatment is to repeat the ascent and descent. When it is cold, it is the best way to make the electric pallet truck move. Such repeated rise and fall of the hydraulic oil have a preheating effect, so that it can return to normal as soon as possible.   If the electric pallet truck is preheated before use, the electric forklift has a certain adjustment, and it is also repeatedly raised and lowered and started several times. One thing to pay special attention to is that the wheels, axles, no matter the cloth or debris is wrapped around the wheels, after three months of use, pay attention to the amount of oil, add and change the oil appropriately. For more information about electric forklifts, please follow our official website.
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