Staxx Pallet Truck is a professional warehouse equipment manufacturer and pallet jack supplier in China.

Does Staxx provide OEM service?
Yes, Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd. offers OEM service to customers all over the world. OEM only requires the manufacturers to process the products. This business doesn't involve design, independent development, and other personalized needs. As a manufacturer specialized in the production of electric pallet forklift , we are equipped with updated technology and have introduced complete advanced production lines to achieve high-precision production process and quality-guaranteed results. Customers are guaranteed to get cost-effective OEMed products. Also, during the cooperation process with customers, we can learn advanced techniques and up-to-date ideas of the industry, which in turn, is beneficial to us.

Staxx is dedicated to producing best best pallet truck and expanding wider market. pallet stacker truck produced by Staxx is very popular in the market. The product has good temperature regulation performance. Its breathability enables the moisture to be well regulated inside the shoe. This product can transport goods safely to their destination. As a pallet stacker truck professional company, more and more customers have shown their interest in . It is perfectly suitable for right- and left-handed operators.

Staxx Material Handling Equipment will continually create new standards with our innovative results. Please contact us!
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