Staxx Pallet Truck is a professional warehouse equipment manufacturer and pallet jack supplier in China.

How about the management mechanism of Staxx?
Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd. adopts a management mechanism that features complete control of manufacturing procedures, tight internal linkage, strict constraint. It greatly improves our operational efficiency and reduces labour costs after it is implemented. By fully implementing the incentive mechanisms, we foster an environment that every staff member works for higher efficiency. All our achievements can be attributed to the management mechanism, including faster order processing, higher annual output, and more business profits. We will stick to conduct the mechanism and improve it step by step.

Staxx is good at producing high quality manual stacker pallet truck with reasonable price. straddle leg stacker produced by Staxx is very popular in the market. The quality control of Staxx electric hydraulic stacker is strictly conducted by our QC team to comply with the regulations of the storage battery industry, including metallic elements procurement. The metal construction body ensures a long lifespan. This product features the desired dimensional stability. It has gone through dimensional stability testing which shows no swelling and increasing in size or shrinkage. Its lifting range makes it adaptable to different handling heights.

our company Material Handling Equipment will constantly creating profits for its customers. Get more info!
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