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Please pay attention to the five points mentioned below for the anti-corrosion technology of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-08
1. Consider the accumulation of anti-corrosive media in the overall structure of the manual pallet truck. Try to avoid being in a closed area, or keep the closed system ventilation performance and drainage system good, battery electric forklifts such as reach forklifts, ventilation windows can be opened to maintain the heat and ventilation of the motor, and the bottom of the battery box can also be opened with leakage holes or installation products. Liquid container. 2. The structure of the parts should be convenient for the implementation of the protection process, and process holes should be opened when necessary. For example, the position of the opening on the fuel tank should be conducive to covering the nozzle of the spray gun, and the surface should be shot peened. For chemical pre-treatment workpieces, such as overhead guards, process holes should be opened, and attention should be paid to prevent liquid accumulation. 3. Pay attention to protection in appearance design to avoid accumulation of water vapor and dust. We can learn from the design concepts of foreign advanced electric forklifts, so as to make the manual stacker smooth in shape, improve the aesthetics of the whole vehicle, and in terms of functional design, it is not easy to accumulate water and dirt. 4. Pay attention to the protection of exposed parts. Electrical components and connectors must be arranged on the inside, or add a protective cover. Because the whole vehicle is exposed to corrosion and easy to enter water, dust covers are added to these parts. For example, the exposed section of the piston rod of the tilt hydraulic cylinder and the steering hydraulic cylinder needs to be equipped with a dust cover; the exposed process holes or functional holes on the vehicle body also need to be equipped with waterproof plugs. 5. Take care to avoid crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and electrochemical corrosion of the stacker. Seal the inevitable gap structure such as the tailor-welded gap of the engine cover with sealant. For the connection of dissimilar metals, it is necessary to select metals with close potentials as much as possible, or use insulation measures to avoid electrochemical corrosion.
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