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Requirements and uses of common domestic electric forklift attachments

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-19
Today, the editor of Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the requirements for the use of common electric forklift data: the frequently used forklift data should be easy to disassemble, simple and practical. For example, the latch of the boom hook should be convenient, and the quick connector has been added for easy replacement. Reliable work and good airtightness. When using attachments, pay attention to the maximum lifting capacity specified on the nameplate and the instructions for use. The user must work safely in accordance with the requirements of the attachment instructions. If the tipping bucket cannot be used as a shovel bucket, forks must not be used to pick or top cargo. In the freezing season in the north, pay attention to the icing situation inside the material pile when using the tipping bucket, and do not directly shovel into the material pile. When using a boom hook, pay attention to the shaking of the cargo during driving to ensure its safe use. There are usually dozens of common electric pallet truck attachments with different functions. Their respective scopes of application are:   1. General clamp attachments (soft pack clamps, multi-purpose rigid arm clamps, fork clamps, bucket clamps, two Fork clamps, armless clamps, rotating clamps) are suitable for various industries.  2. Attachments for cargo operations with pallets (side shift clamps, double-side shift clamps, adjustable pitch clamps, single and double pallet forks, load stabilizers) are mostly used in warehousing, paper products, packaging, ports, steel, beverages and other industries.  3. Attachments (push-pulls, carton clips) for non-pallet cargo operations are mostly used in warehousing, ports, beverages, home appliances, chemical industries and other industries.  4. Roll clips are mostly used in warehousing, ports, paper products, packaging, tobacco and other industries.   5. Other products (hydraulic oil supply components, dual-purpose clamp forks) are used in various related industries.  The electric forklift attachments comply with the requirements of the material handling field, minimize cargo damage and save cargo storage space.
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