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Teach you a correct understanding of electric forklifts!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-27
The market acceptance of electric forklifts (also called electric forklifts) in recent years, I believe many people have already come into contact with some classified models. Today, we invite the elites in the electric pallet truck industry: Manager Zhou of Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mainly to share some professional knowledge about electric forklifts with forklift trucks. Please move out of the bench and lean forward a little...Electric stacker-performance overview The electric stacker is powered by an electric motor and a battery as an energy source. Industrial handling vehicles refer to handling and stacking vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and long and short distance transportation of palletized goods. Suitable for single and double-sided pallets. The all-electric stacker is small in size, flexible in operation, easy to drive, economical and environmentally friendly, and is the first choice for business units. Electric stackers are widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, logistics and distribution centers, ports, stations, airports, freight yards, etc., and can enter cabins, carriages and containers for loading and unloading and handling of palletized goods. It is an indispensable equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation. Fully electric stacker-model classification. Electric stacker models include: semi-electric stacker, walking stacker, pallet stacker, forward stacker, counterbalanced stacker, wide-legged stacker Stacker, single-pillar stacker, all-stainless steel stacker, anti-riot stacker, side-shift stacker... 1. Semi-electric stacker: It is a model that uses human power to promote electric lifting. It is mainly used It is one of the most widely used models used in the factory for container loading and unloading and rack stacking. Because of its economical advantages, it is chosen by many companies. 2. Pedestrian stacker: there is no pedal behind the body, and the operator follows the stacker on foot to move forward and backward to pick up the goods. Advantages: The body is small and exquisite, suitable for narrow passages. 3. Pallet stacker: There are pedals at the rear of the body for people to stand on, and the front of the stacker has bottom legs, which is suitable for loading and unloading of goods with national standard single-sided pallets or without pallets. The drawings of the pallet stacker are provided by the electric pallet truck factory: 4. Counterbalanced stacker: The stacker has no bottom legs at the front, and the stacker is equipped with counterweights at the rear. The forks can be tilted forwards and backwards appropriately to ensure Level after shoveling. It has a wide range of applications, similar to traditional internal combustion forklifts. 6. Wide-leg stacker: The front bottom leg of the stacker is wide, generally the inner width is 550/680mm, and the wide leg can be 1200/1500mm. It can load and unload double-sided pallets, which can solve double-sided pallets or certain Some special cargo stacking, loading and unloading requirements. 7. Single-pillar stacker: In the traditional mast lifting form, it is changed to single-pillar lifting, so that the lifting speed is not limited by parallel on both sides, and the speed is stable and uniform. The general transmission mode is also changed from chain type to belt type pulling. Make it rise and fall evenly. Single-pillar stacker truck-with pictures provided by the electric pallet truck factory: 8. All stainless steel stacker truck: The whole truck is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for places with high environmental hygiene requirements, such as food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. . 9. Riot-proof stacker truck: It is a special model with compulsory production license requirements. It is suitable for places with higher safety requirements and has higher technical requirements. The riot-proof stacker truck has a riot rating mark. 10. Side-shifting stacker: The fork of the stacker is installed on the side, and loading and unloading operations are performed on the side. The main solution is to solve the situation where the passage is too small. The general production method of the truck is to install side-shift attachments. The above models are commonly used in the market. Of course, there are many classifications of stackers, especially some non-standard stackers, which are various and not listed one by one, but generally speaking, the typical classifications are quite different. The above models and other non-standard stacker vehicles are generally based on the above models, and different parts can be modified for special purposes. In addition, there is a common model on the market: electric pallet trucks, which are also products in the category of electric forklifts. Let's take a look at what it looks like. Electric pallet truck: Next, let's talk about some highlights and knowledge of the electric stacker series products + electric stacker.
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