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The fast charging of electric forklift batteries seriously affects its service life

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-20

Do not charge the electric forklift on time and according to the amount. The battery of the electric forklift is broken? Don't tell me, something like this really happened! Zhang Gong, who is located in a food production company in Guangzhou, is helplessly sentimental. In fact, an electric forklift is like a mobile phone. If it takes a long time to charge, or use it only once, or use it while charging, it is easy to damage the battery. These cases are all to illustrate: the battery is not good for a long time and fast charging. Similarly, the fast charging time of the battery of an electric forklift should not be too much. Electric forklifts have a lot of logistics and handling operations in life, which makes the electric forklifts have to 'fast charge' to meet the work needs. This is OK once or twice, but multiple electric forklifts will not be able to bear it. Although electric forklifts use 'fast charging' to charge a lot of electricity in a short period of time, the electricity is empty, and it will appear to be out of electricity after a short distance. And there are some dangers to batteries and batteries. The electric pallet truck uses a battery, and the battery charging is divided into two parts. At first, the charging is carried out normally, and then the trickle charging is carried out, so that the battery is fully charged. For the storage battery, the combination of cyclic charging and trickle charging can be a good grasp of its full capacity. Trickle charging is to use a small current to charge under the state of ensuring a complete charge, so that it can compensate for the discarding of the discharging component. However, it should be noted that the electricity cannot be satisfied during the trickle charging process. The battery life will soon be exhausted. Long-term use will cause great damage to the battery. Experiments have proved that after repeated use of fast charging stations for electric forklift charging, the battery usage time will be significantly reduced, and the battery will be more and more injured as time goes by. This is a charge-discharge fatigue value of the battery itself. Fast charging for a long time causes certain damage to the battery and makes a part of the battery empty. Therefore, in many cases, the damage of the battery, especially the damage of the battery of the electric forklift, is mostly caused by improper charging operation. Take good care of your electric forklift and let him charge it on time and according to the amount. This not only saves production costs, but also helps you make more money!

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