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How to choose the aerial work platform that suits you best

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-12
What kind of aerial work platform is most suitable for you? With the demand of the market, aerial work manufacturers produce a variety of models and parameters, such as: scissor aerial work platform, straight arm aerial work platform, crank arm aerial work platform, vehicle-mounted aerial platform stacker, telescopic boom fork Installed and other products. Customers can choose the right type according to their needs. When choosing products for high-altitude operations, customers must carefully consider where to use them, what the environment is, how much the equipment requires to electric pallet lift truck, size, rise, additional load and other factors for comprehensive consideration and selection. Choose an aerial work truck that suits your job level requirements. In the end, we must choose a professional aerial vehicle manufacturer, must have outstanding after-sales service, and choose a regular manufacturer with complete production qualifications. Jangho Special Vehicles is a good choice. At present, more than 30 products in 6 series include: height 3m -16m mast type aerial work platform, self-propelled scissor aerial work platform with height of 4m-16m, self-propelled curved arm aerial work platform with height of 12m-26m, and self-propelled straight arm aerial work platform with height of 18m-41m.
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