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How to judge the quality of hydraulic oil for aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-10
The quality of hydraulic oil is very important for the maintenance of aerial work platforms. The editor below helps us sort out several ways to judge the quality of hydraulic oil: 1. Judging the water in the oil. Breaking test: heating a piece of thin metal to At 110 degrees Celsius, drop a drop of hydraulic oil. If the oil bursts, it proves that the water content in the oil is more than 0.2%. 2. Judgment of appearance color If the hydraulic oil is milky white and turbid, it means that the hydraulic oil contains water; the hydraulic oil is dark brown, indicating that the hydraulic oil has been oxidized at high temperature. 3. Simple judgment of viscosity: Observation method of glass skew: Put two different oils on the skewed clean glass and see which activity is faster, the viscosity is lower. 4. Oil drop mottle test of oil pollution. Take a drop of tested hydraulic oil on the filter paper and observe the change of mottle. The hydraulic oil disperses quickly and there is no sediment in the center, indicating that the oil is normal; the hydraulic oil is slow to disperse and there is sediment in the center. , Indicating that the oil has deteriorated.
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