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Judging the quality of semi-electric stackers through some details

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-20

We usually choose the appropriate type and configuration according to our own use environment and needs, and then choose according to the budget. Then there are some details to judge the quality of the semi-electric stacker. The selection of semi-electric stackers is roughly the same. The initial selection is roughly as follows:

Fully understand your operating environment, and then choose the appropriate model and configuration.

1) How much does your cargo weigh? How much does a semi-electric stacker need to be raised? How much can the electric stacker load at the maximum height?

2) Is the working environment of the semi-electric stacker mainly indoor or outdoor? If indoors, what is the height of the indoor roof? Does the height of the door affect the wholesale electric stacker when entering and exiting? Does it enter and exit the elevator, does the height and load of the elevator affect the semi-electric stacker? If it is outdoors, is there any climbing? What is the degree of climbing? Are there obstacles in the operating environment?

3) How big is the shelf aisle if it is to be used in the shelf area? What is the turning radius of the semi-electric stacker?

When choosing a semi-electric stacker, we must carefully consider the operation process of the wholesale semi-electric stacker, the location that needs to be passed, and so on. According to the comprehensive consideration of various factors, choose the appropriate model and technical parameters of the semi-electric stacker.

After the initial selection, let's take a look at what details can help us choose a better semi-electric stacker:

Is the chain of the semi-electric stacker a plate chain , Compared with the traditional ball chain, the plate chain is not easy to deform and has a longer service life. Is the gantry of the semi-electric stacker C-section steel, H-section steel, or section steel? Choose according to the load requirements, if the load is heavy, choose H-beam. Whether the forks of the semi-electric stacker are adjustable forks, the forks of the semi-electric stacker are divided into non-adjustable fixed forks and adjustable forks. Adjustable forks are pallets of any size that can be used within the size range of the maximum used pallet, and are highly practical.

Other details, we can learn from the electric pallet truck manufacturer during the specific selection.

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