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Remote control technology and maintenance solenoid valves are available in hydraulic electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-20
Remote control technology is not unfamiliar to us. For example, the TVs and air conditioners that we often use all use remote control technology. Now, my country’s electric lifting platform industry has developed more sophisticated. If you want to compete for the market, you can only start with the details. Today, let’s take a look at how the electric lithium pallet truck platform uses remote control technology? Remote control skills are divided into wired and wireless. Here, we mainly talk about wireless remote control skills. Install a receiving device in the cage, and the corresponding action can be completed through the remote control in the hand, so that the device can make the corresponding action. The output terminal of the relay should be connected in parallel with the control box button of the equipment to lift the platform, and the equipment can directly control the control box button. The use of remote control technology in the hydraulic and electric lifting platform makes the equipment more convenient and safer, and more humane. Trust will surely be recognized by customers and set off a panic buying trend in the market. In today's shopping malls, various occupations have shown different degrees of homogeneity. The freight elevator profession is more severe. How to get out of the homogenization 'strange circleIn fact, the types and specifications of elevators are not very different. This requires customers to choose different brands. It is very important to get the attention of customers. Hydraulic elevators are often differentiated among different products. Products have a special liking. This differentiation is not only reflected in the characteristics of the products, but also in differentiated services. However, the characteristics of product differentiation can bring lasting advantages to enterprises. Oil leakage is a frequently encountered problem and a headache for users. How to quickly find out the oil leakage of the lifting platform? First of all, check the hydraulic cylinder, which is the most common part of oil leakage. The aging and displacement of the sealing ring can cause oil leakage; secondly, the oil pipe. The aging or cracking of the oil pipe may cause the lifting platform to leak the lifting platform oil; Yes, the connection part, the connection must be in accordance with strict specifications, otherwise it is very simple to leak oil; the final is the power unit, this part is not common, usually severe bumps will cause oil leakage. Check or replace the pump ripper that cannot lift or the lifting force is weak. 1. The pressure schedule of the relief valve of the electric lifting platform does not meet the requirements. Adjust the pressure to the required value. 2. Check the internal leakage of the cylinder or replace the cylinder assembly. 3. The reversing valve is locked or Internal leakage 4. The oil level is too low, the oil inlet filter is blocked. 5. The oil supply pump is faulty. 6. The check valve is leaking. Check the check valve core and valve seat wear and damage, and whether the spring of the check valve of the lifting platform is tired. Deformation and so on!
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