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The difference between electric stacker and motorized forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13

Nowadays, all kinds of people's lives are changing to automation. For example, simple but strenuous tasks such as moving things. With professional tools, it will become more convenient. Forklifts are used for moving things. Most of today's markets are fuel-burning forklifts, and the new generation of electric stackers is also beginning to become popular in the market.

There are more electric stackers than fuel-burning forklifts. First of all, fuel-burning forklifts are very expensive. Because forklifts are mostly used to carry very portable goods, they are well-known to everyone. As for the engine, the pressure is too much, and many fuels cannot be completely extinguished, which is very wasteful. And electric forklifts do not need to burn oil, and they can also use various circuit facilities to achieve the goal of saving electricity.

Then, the size of the motorized forklift is huge. The motorized forklift, because of the fuel tank, Engines, joysticks, etc. all require a shortage of space to achieve good control, so the volume is very large, and in many cases its volume brings huge troubles to the transportation of goods. And the electric stacker is the last time. What is needed is the use of lithium batteries, fine circuits, etc., which are smaller in size and more maneuverable.

Initially, electric stackers have become more precise in operation, even for some very soft objects. It can be fully transported, which is not available in a motorized forklift.

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