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The reason for the damage to the charger of the pallet truck and the description of the type of pallet

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-08
For electric pallet truck manufacturers, all the products they produce are objects that we should be familiar with and understand, because only in this way can we make ourselves familiar with the website and its manufacturers, and at the same time, we can enrich our knowledge. , That is, let yourself benefit a lot. Therefore, next, we will study the electric pallet truck, which is a website product, to achieve the above purpose. 1. What are the parameters of the electric pallet truck in the pallet truck? The electric pallet truck in the pallet truck has specific parameters. According to the lithium pallet truck manufacturer Wuxi HSBC, its carrying capacity is 1.6-3 tons, and its working channel width is generally 2.3 to 2.8 meters. On this vehicle, the fork electric pallet lift truck height is about 210mm. In addition, there are three modes of operation: walking, standing and sitting. 2. If the charger in the pallet truck is damaged, what are the reasons? Since this question has a certain degree of professionalism, the electric pallet truck manufacturer will give a professional answer below so that everyone can have a correct understanding. The charger in the pallet truck is damaged. The specific reason may be a problem with the battery or the charger itself. However, most of the reasons are a problem with the connection between the charger and the battery. Therefore, you can carry out some corresponding tests and check the output line of the charger in order to make an accurate judgment. 3. How to adjust the speed of the electric pallet truck? In addition, if it needs to use pallets, which pallets are more suitable? Electric pallet trucks, a medium pallet truck, whose speed is adjusted, electric pallet truck manufacturers believe, need to be programmed and controlled by instruments, etc., to adjust the speed. On this type of vehicle, the type of pallet used is generally double-sided or Sichuan-shaped pallets, while flat or grid pallets are not applicable.
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