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Brief analysis of the inspection and adjustment methods of the matching clearance of forklift parts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-22
1. The adjustment of the clearance of forklift parts. Regarding adjustment, it is to restore the installation position of the forklift parts and the mutual cooperation relationship to the best working condition, so that it is close to the performance of the new vehicle. It is one of the main tasks in forklift maintenance and an important part of the technical condition inspection. The adjustment is to restore the normal fit clearance and normal working performance between the parts, reduce the wear and tear of the forklift parts, so as to improve the economy and reliability of the whole forklift parts. With the extension of the use time of each component of the forklift and the increase in the mileage, the fit clearance between the various assemblies and components changes, so that the specified technical requirements are exceeded, which directly affects the power, economy and reliability of the forklift. Therefore, the adjustment work is a heavy work that restores the good technical performance of the lithium pallet truck and the normal fit clearance. It must be carried out carefully and carefully according to the technical requirements and actual conditions, and must not be too loose, too tight, or too large or too small.   2. Common forklift engines have reduced power and poor economy. In addition to cylinder wear, they are mostly caused by the mismatch of the parts of the ignition system, fuel system, or valve system. For example, in the use of a lithium pallet truck, the ignition advance angle of the forklift engine must be adjusted properly, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the power and economy of the lithium pallet truck engine. The spark plug gap is related to whether the generated electric spark can reliably ignite the mixed gas and ensure the continuous and normal operation of the forklift engine. Therefore, the normal adjustment of the forklift parts is very important. 3. During the use of the forklift, check whether the working conditions of various instruments are normal; check whether the brake device of the forklift works well; check the fuel system, lubrication system, braking system, cooling system and chassis, axle housing Whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, or air leakage; check the forklift engine and transmission system for abnormal noise and abnormal smell; check whether the brake drum is overheated; check the tightening of the forklift tire nut and tire pressure; check the components of the steering mechanism Connection status; and adjust various parts of the forklift according to the requirements of maintenance operations at all levels. Regular inspection and adjustment can keep the forklift parts running at the highest efficiency for a long time, effectively reducing the hidden danger of forklift failure, reducing operating fuel consumption, and prolonging its service life, especially the performance will be significantly improved. The adjustment of the assembly clearance of forklift parts is an indispensable daily maintenance work. In the general maintenance of the forklift, if some parts are found to be worn out, adjustment methods are often used to restore the coordination relationship between the movement pairs, so as to achieve or basically reach the original technical indicators of the forklift. During operation, there is generally no need to repair and process the worn parts, or just make simple repairs. The adjustment process is simple, the cost is low, and the effect is quick.
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