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Detailed explanation of the travel switch in the lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-22
The function of the travel switch in the lifting platform is to realize sequence control, positioning control and position status detection. It is used to control the stroke and limit protection of mechanical equipment. Structure: Consists of operating head, contact system and housing. In the actual production of hydraulic elevators, the travel switch is installed in a pre-arranged position. When the module installed on the mechanical moving parts of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform hits the travel switch, the contact of the travel switch will act to realize the switching of the circuit. Therefore, the travel switch is an electrical appliance that switches the circuit according to the travel position of the moving part, and its principle of action is similar to that of a button. Travel switches are widely used in various machine tools and hoisting machinery, such as hydraulic lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifts, rail chain lifts, hydraulic freight elevators, to control their travel and carry out terminal limit protection. In the elevator control circuit, the travel switch is also used to control the speed of opening and closing the car door, the limit of the automatic door opening and closing, and the upper and lower limit protection of the car. The travel switch of the lifting platform should be checked and maintained regularly, and tested in advance before lifting to avoid malfunctions caused by the failure of the travel switch! If you find a problem with the travel switch, immediately ask a professional to repair and maintain it, and do not disassemble it privately. So as not to cause the whole machine to malfunction.
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