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Five major faults and solutions for electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09
As the use of electric stackers becomes more and more widespread, many application problems have also occurred. The following editor briefly lists five common problems and solutions: 1. The speed of the drive wheels of the electric stacker has dropped significantly (or Severe overload of the drive motor)   Reasons: battery voltage is too low or the pile head contact resistance is too large; the carbon deposit between the motor commutator plates causes a short circuit between the plates; the motor brake is not properly adjusted to make the motor perform braking operation; the drive head gear box Lack of lubricating oil or jamming of the base; short circuit of the motor armature. Solution: Check the battery terminal voltage or clean the pile head when the load is on; arrange the commutator; adjust the brake gap; check and clean and refill the lubricating oil to remove the jamming phenomenon; replace with a new motor. 2. It is difficult for the mast of the electric stacker to actively skew (or the movement cannot be circulated). Reason: The skew cylinder wall and sealing ring are too worn, the valve rod spring in the reversing valve fails, the piston is stuck on the cylinder wall or piston rod, and the skewed cylinder Too much body or too tightly sealed. Solution: Replace O-ring or cylinder; replace qualified spring; replace damaged parts; clean and adjust. 3. Reasons for abnormal electrical operation: the micro switch in the electrical box is damaged or the position adjustment is improper, the main circuit fuse or fuse of the control electrical appliance is blown; the battery voltage is too low; the contactor contacts are singeed, or too dirty Poor contact is often formed; the contact does not move. Solution: Replace the micro switch and adjust the position from the beginning; replace the same type of fuse; recharge; repair the contact, adjust or replace the contactor; check whether the contactor coil is open or replace the contactor. 4. Reasons for the lack of lifting power of the electric stacker: excessive wear of the gear pump and pump, abnormal pressure of the reversing valve overflow valve, oil leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil, and blockage of the door frame slider Phenomenon, and low speed. E oil pump motor. Solution: replace the worn or gear pump; adjust from the beginning; check and correct; replace the unqualified hydraulic oil to check the reason for the increase in oil temperature; check the adjustment; check the motor and the fault removal. 5. The oil pump pressure is insufficient or the speed is too slow. Reasons: the sealing ring in the groove of the pump cover is damaged, and the internal leakage is too much; the gear is worn; the speed of the oil pump motor decreases; there is a foreign object in the pipeline. Solution: Replace; replace the oil pump; check the commutator, remove the carbon deposits between the sheets, adjust the position of the carbon brush; check the cleaning.
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