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How many generations of electric forklift motors have been updated since the development of electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-20
The DC motor used in the early stage of the electric pallet truck is a DC series motor, the later DC motor is a DC separately excited motor, and the latest product is an AC motor. The DC series motor is a more traditional DC motor. The current is delivered to the battery and dried, and passed to the stator through the carbon brush. This method has two drawbacks: all current must be delivered through the carbon brush, and the performance depends on the physical size and wear of the carbon brush. Limits the braking performance. In addition, the motor carbon brushes must be replaced regularly as a wearing part, otherwise it will greatly affect the life of the motor. Based on the above reasons, Hefei Factory is the first in the industry to install DC separately excited motors on forklifts. The DC separately excited motor is a more advanced DC motor, and the energy of the stator and armature is input separately. Like series motors, this technology has been applied for a long time. The new technology uses separately excited parallel excitation magnetic field and armature, so that the performance control of the motor is much better than that of the series excitation motor. This kind of motor is usually called a 4-quadrant motor, which can drive and brake in both front and rear directions. Nevertheless, separately excited DC motors still have the limitation of carbon brushes. The electric forklift products of AC motors and electric pallet truck manufacturers are at the forefront of industry technology. The development of AC forklift products makes this type of motor have better performance, the high braking torque of AC motors, and almost all braking methods produce energy regeneration. , AC motors are more efficient in driving and braking. When braking, the motor rotates in the reverse direction, that is to say, the frequency of the alternating voltage is lower than the rotor frequency, and the motor produces discharge. The stronger the brake, the more energy can be regenerated.
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