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How to increase the service life of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-22
Many times, when major factories purchase aerial work platforms from manufacturers of aerial work platforms, they often do not carry out maintenance. They only know how to use them blindly. As a result, the operating life of the aerial work platforms has been continuously shortened, and ultimately they will not be able to reach it. duty of. So what should be done to extend its useful life? After the oil circuit inspection is over, you need to look at the surroundings again, check the screws or connections, and then see if the screws or connections are loose; the aerial platform stacker manufacturer reminds us that we need to take a look Whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage, deal with it in time to prevent unnecessary trouble. Regarding any equipment after it is purchased, there is a certain running-in period. Through the lifting channel, we have learned that this running-in period requires less than 60 or 70 hours of operation time for the lifting equipment. The details depend on his The frequency of use and the load capacity of the operation need to be paid attention to during the running-in period, so as to ensure that the lifting equipment has a good use and maintenance. After the expiration of the running-in period, the Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. informed us that the first maintenance is required at this time. During this maintenance process, the oil circuit needs to be checked to see if there is hydraulic oil in the oil tank. If it is, it depends on whether the amount is satisfactory and whether it can achieve the effect of lifting.
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