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How to operate the side shift of an electric forklift!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-28
Electric forklifts are one of the most popular forklifts on the market. They are equipped with a steering wheel and are larger in size. They are mostly used indoors. Electric forklifts (electric stackers and electric pallets) can also be used indoors in many high-demand corporate environments. As an industrial vehicle, its operation must have technical components. Many operating techniques are very strict, just like a car driver’s license. Now, the electric pallet truck manufacturer talks about: the side shift operation of the electric pallet truck! Electric forklifts use forward and backward methods during operation, and one side shifts to the other side, which is called side shift. 1. Operation requirements 1) Complete the operation according to the prescribed driving route. When the side shift to the other side after the completion of the two-in and two-inversion, the vehicle is required to be straight and the wheels are straight. 2) During operation, no part of the vehicle body shall touch or hang pile poles, or cross the line. 3) During each advance and retreat process, do not stop halfway, do not turn off the engine during operation, and do not use 'semi-linked' and 'dead direction'. 2. Operation essentials 1) Move the forklift from the left to the right a. First forward: After starting, turn slightly to the right, and make the left side move slowly along the marking line. When the front end of the fork is half a meter away from the front marking line, Quickly turn to the left and turn the whole body to the left. When it is about 30cm from the marking line, step on the clutch, quickly turn to the right and stop. b. Reversing for the first time: After starting, continue to turn right to the end, and turn left while reversing. When the car is half a meter from the rear marking line, quickly turn to the right and stop. C. The second forward: After starting, continue to turn to the right, and then return to the right direction to the left to make the forklift move forward to a proper position and stop. d. Reversing for the second time: Pay attention to correct the direction, so that the forklift is parked straight in the right side warehouse. 2) The method of shifting the forklift from the right to the left is basically the same as the method of shifting the forklift from the left to the right.
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