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How to use semi-automatic stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-10
Semi-automatic stacker is usually called semi-electric stacker, which is a kind of stacking equipment that can be lifted and moved manually. So, how to use the semi-automatic stacker? First, we manually push the semi-automatic stacker forward until the fork of the stacker enters the pallet jack carrying the goods, and then operate the electric lifting handle to raise the fork by 10CM-30CM;    then, manually drag When the semi-automatic stacker reaches the stacking position, operate the electric lifting handle to raise the fork to the stacking height, then push the semi-electric stacker manually, and then operate the electric lowering handle, the pallet carrying the goods is placed;    finally , Manually drag the semi-automatic stacker to separate the fork and the pallet, and then put the semi-automatic stacker back to the original place.   Summarizing the operating experience, the semi-automatic stacker is not very labor-saving in use, so when we purchase the stacker, we must select it according to the actual situation.  Working condition 1: High frequency of use, heavy stacking goods. It is advisable to buy an all-electric stacker or a lithium pallet truck.  Working condition 2: High frequency of use and light stacking of goods. It is recommended to buy a manual hydraulic stacker or an all-electric stacker.  Working condition 3: Low frequency of use and heavy stacking goods. It is recommended to buy a semi-automatic stacker.   Working condition 4: Low frequency of use and heavy stacking goods. It is recommended to buy a manual hydraulic stacker.   The above is a recommendation for the purchase of stacker trucks. After the above common sense of purchase, I believe that everyone can choose a lithium pallet truck that is most suitable for their use and the most cost-effective.
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