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Pay attention to safety and rules when maintaining electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-29
Not everyone can take care of the repair work of electric stacker trucks, as long as they have learned the system. (1) Adhere to the sanitation and cleanliness of the repair site. (2) When repairing, do not bring precious or loose items on your body. When repairing the electrical system, if the energized electronic components touch the metal, it may cause a short circuit or burn. Therefore, please take off metal accessories such as watches and earrings. (3) Before repairing, unplug the power socket and disconnect the power supply. (4) Before opening the left and right box covers or the electrical system, the key switch of the electric stacker should be closed. (5) Before checking the hydraulic system, lower the fork to release the system pressure. (6) When checking the oil leakage of the car body, please wipe it with paper or cardboard, and do not touch it directly with your hands. Avoid burns. (7) Please note that the oil temperature in the transmission or hydraulic system may be high. The electric stacker should be cooled first, and then the gear oil or hydraulic oil should be replaced to prevent the high oil temperature from causing incineration. (8) Please abide by the relevant laws and regulations, protect the environment, store and discharge oil in accordance with the rules, and do not discharge it into the sewer pipe. (9) When welding the car body, disconnect the battery power supply. Since the welding current may enter the battery during welding, to avoid such occurrences, please block the battery. (10) Use the bracket to support it when working under the electric stacker.
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