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Power saving techniques for electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-14
Electric lithium pallet truck platform is a kind of lifting mechanical equipment that uses electric energy as power to improve or load and unload. It is mainly used for occupations and fields engaged in high-altitude operations such as enterprises, chemicals, municipalities, electric power, and transportation. It is convenient to move, easy to use, simple to operate, large working area, wide range and good balance function. Now, the editor wants to introduce some power-saving techniques for the electric lifting platform: 1. Do a good job of test machine, not only to test the safety function of the electric lifting platform, but also have the function of warming up early, so that the oil cylinder, motor, especially It is the fluidity of the hydraulic oil that can enter the working condition earlier, reducing the resistance in the operation and saving electric energy. 2. Frequent beating of butter is a detailed problem. Many customers will find that the friction between the pins will increase as the use time increases, and it will often be accompanied by noisy noises. Butter can Reduce friction, and then reduce the generation of useless work to save energy. 3. It is a kind of operation skill. Those who have relevant work experience will know that when the rise to the target height is released, the lifting button will be released. Because of the inertia, the electric lithium pallet truck platform will rise for a certain distance. Therefore, the control is just enough. After accumulating money, it will have a significant effect on power saving. 4. It is forbidden to overload, and the operation within the extra load can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but many customers blindly seek power when using it, and even overload during the lifting process, which will only double the result with half the effort and promote the improvement. 5. Avoid standby. After the mobile lifting channel is used, the power supply should be blocked. In order to save time, many customers will usually press the standby button just like after watching the TV. This is a waste of power, and there are unsafe factors. The third is that the electrical system is still operating in the standby state, a simple circuit failure occurs, and a simple lightning strike in a thunderstorm.
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