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Precautions for anti-fall safety devices of high-altitude lifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-05
The anti-fall safety device of high-altitude operation electric pallet lift truck is an important part of the construction electric pallet lift truck. It should be used to eliminate the occurrence of the cage falling incident and ensure the safety of the occupants. Therefore, the factory test of the anti-fall safety device for high-altitude operation elevators is very strict. Before leaving the factory, the legal inspection unit will measure the torque, measure the critical speed, and measure the tension spring contraction. Each unit is accompanied by a test report and assembly After arriving on the construction hoist, a drop test under the additional load is carried out, and the hoist in use on the construction site must be dropped every three months. The anti-fall safety devices for elevators that have been out of the factory for two years must also be sent to a legal inspection unit for testing and testing, and testing once a year in the future. So far, very few people have sent for inspection, and some construction sites do not even do a drop test every three months, thinking that their elevator anti-fall safety devices are okay, but once something goes wrong, they regret it. Why not experiment and submit for inspection regularly according to the guidelines? The operating unit blindly thinks that it is not bad. In fact, the anti-fall safety device of high-altitude operation elevator can only be judged by experiment and inspection. It is impossible to determine whether it is good or bad in daily operation. Falling safety devices, it is better to submit for inspection and timed experiments as soon as possible, as long as you know what to do, you can prevent vicious incidents before they happen.
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