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Precautions for electric forklifts when operating under high temperature and high humidity conditions

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-17
1. The characteristics of high temperature and high humidity     Under high temperature and high humidity conditions, the temperature is relatively high and the weather is hot, which will also have a great impact on the safe operation of the driver.  1. The heat dissipation performance of the engine becomes worse under high temperature, and the temperature is easily too high, which deteriorates its power and economy.  2. It is easy to produce water tank 'boiling  3. Under the conditions of high temperature and high humidity, the lubricating grease in various parts of the forklift will become thinner, and the lubrication performance will decrease, which will increase the wear of the parts under heavy load.  4. Due to the high temperature and mosquito bites, the driver’s sleep is affected, so mental fatigue and heat stroke are prone to occur at work, which is not conducive to work safety.   5. There are more thunderstorms due to the road surface. There is water in the loading and unloading site, the adhesion is reduced, and it is easy to slip, which affects the safety of forklifts, personnel, and goods.  2. Precautions for driving operation   1. Before entering the summer season, prepare in advance, release the winter lubricating grease in the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering gear, etc., and refill the summer lubricating grease according to the regulations after cleaning.  2. Clean the water channel, remove the scale of the cooling system, and dredge the heat sink of the radiator. Always check the tightness of the fan drive belt.  3. Adjust the generator regulator appropriately to reduce the charging current of the generator.   4. Pay attention to prevent the engine from overheating during operation, and always pay attention to the indication reading of the coolant temperature gauge. If the coolant temperature is too high, take cooling measures. To maintain the amount of coolant, pay attention to prevent the coolant from boiling and cause burns when adding.  5. Always check the temperature and air pressure of the tires. If necessary, stop in a cool place and wait for the tire temperature to decrease before continuing to work. Venting or pouring cold water should not be used to reduce the pressure and temperature to avoid reducing the service life of the tires.  6. u200bu200bFrequently check the braking performance to prevent the failure of the brake caused by the aging, expansion and deformation of the brake master cylinder or the cylinder cup and the vaporization of the brake fluid.  7. Adjust the battery electrolyte density, and dredge the vent on the battery cover, keep the electrolyte 10-15mm higher than the separator, and add distilled water as appropriate.   8. Make sure to get enough sleep and stay energetic before work. If you feel tired, drowsy, or unresponsive during work, you should stop and rest immediately, or rub your face with cold water to cheer you up to ensure safe driving and work.   9. Do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling to prevent heatstroke.  After the final inspection confirms that all parts of the electric pallet truck are in good condition, it can be put into normal use.
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