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Ten new technologies for aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-08
1. Anti-tilt control skills. The aerial work platform has passed the horizontal full extension of the outriggers, the support force and the level of the car body. It stops the operation arm movement when the horizontal outriggers are not fully extended, the straight outriggers are not stable, and the car body is skewed. ; Under the operating condition of the operating arm, stop the movement of the outriggers, and if the straight outriggers are not stressed and the vehicle body is skewed beyond the allowable scale, the operation of the arm is actively stopped, and only the operating arm is allowed to move in a safe direction to avoid the entire vehicle from tipping over. Something. 2. Unilateral operation control skills. When the aerial work platform is restricted in the work place, only one horizontal outrigger can be extended according to the conditions of the site. After the outrigger is fully extended, it will actively judge the operating scale of the approved operating arm and only allow the operation. The arm moves on the side where the horizontal outriggers are fully extended, which can effectively get used to various working places and environments. 3. Active car body leveling skills. During work, it can actively control the movement of horizontal outriggers and straight outriggers, so that the car body can reach the agreed horizontal point of view, and the car body can be stabilized and leveled with one button, which is a useful improvement. Operational efficiency and safety. 4. Reversal organization gear meshing gap adjustable technology. Aerial platform stacker reversal organization uses fixed device technology. The gear meshing gap is only adjusted during the installation process, but as the use process wears out, the gear meshing gap will increase, forming The working arm shakes when reversed. 5. Working bucket electro-hydraulic proportional active leveling skills. There are three skills for working bucket leveling: mechanical leveling, hydraulic leveling, and electro-hydraulic leveling. The most popular choice is mechanical leveling and hydraulic leveling. Electro-hydraulic leveling technology uses electro-hydraulic servo technology throughout the country. The electro-hydraulic servo technology is complicated, has a high fault rate and is too costly. 6. Lifting weight display and control skills Regarding the lifting system with a lifting weight of more than 2 tons, the lifting system device has a lifting weight sensor and a display, and cooperates with the newly planned lifting weight fluctuation indicator, which can intuitively and effectively supervise the lifting load to meet the planning requirements. Avoid overloading operations. 7. Work bucket load limitation skills. Work bucket load limitation skills. The aerial work platform can ensure that the load of the work bucket meets the planning requirements through the weighing sensor and plc controller. When overloaded, the operation of the work arm is stopped to avoid overloading operations, and can be adjusted according to the load of the work bucket. Different control and different operation ups and downs, adding flexibility of operation.  8. Anti-collision skills of the working bucket    During the operation of the aerial work platform, it is necessary to avoid collisions between the working bucket and obstacles, to avoid damage to the working bucket or other objects, and even the entire vehicle tipping over. 9. Active control of operating arm movement speed The speed of operating arm lifting, lowering and reversing can be actively adjusted with the extension length of the operating arm and operating fluctuations. Buffer control is used when starting and stopping to avoid the smooth movement of the operating bucket. . 10. Intelligent detection and active recovery skills   The electrical control system uses the CAN bus digital control technology. After the system is started, it actively detects all the sensors and controllers online, and automatically alarms and prompts the faulty part when a fault occurs, and stops the operation of the arm. After the high-altitude operation is over, the operation bucket can be safely returned to the traveling state through one-button operation, which reduces the work intensity of the operator and improves the work efficiency. The article comes from the Internet!
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