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These 5 questions should be paid attention to when choosing an electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-23
1. Maximum load The maximum load of the goods determines the choice of the tonnage of the stacker. If the maximum load is 1 ton, you need to choose a 1 ton model. Even if the load is less than 1 ton in most cases, you should choose the maximum load. 2. Height Do you think it is easy to choose a suitable height stacker? NONONO, the height here refers to the closing height and lifting height of the stacker mast. The stacker height consideration environment should be your operating environment, such as the height of the lithium pallet truck when entering and exiting elevators, security doors, etc.; and the maximum lifting height of the fork is based on the loading of your goods. The lifting height range of ordinary stackers is 2-4m. For those exceeding this height, a reach lithium pallet truck can be selected, and the maximum lifting height can be up to 12m. 3. If you are using a single-sided pallet, you can choose an outrigger type stacker, with outriggers in the front, which can support and balance. The outrigger type stacker is characterized by its short body, light weight, and price. Of course it is also low, but it is only suitable for single-sided pallets, double-sided pallets cannot be used, and the legs cannot be accessed. 4. Aisle width How much is the load of the highest layer and how wide the aisle width of the shelf is, and then you can determine what kind of stacker to use. Customers with wide aisles can generally use stackers. The focus is on how to choose some narrow aisles. Before designing the shelves, in order to meet more loading and save costs, the current aisle width is only 1.5m-1.8m, and the stack height is generally The car can't enter the stack, what should I do? There are two options. Just as the size of the customer’s goods is relatively small, a side-station stacker can be customized non-standard, the handle is changed to the steering wheel, and the side fork picks up the goods. The price is higher than that of the ordinary stacker. There is another option It is a three-way stacker. The width of the main aisle of this stacker is 3.6m, and the auxiliary aisle is 1.6m. It is equipped with a 1*1.2m pallet. The minimum height of the shelf is 160~200mm, but the price is high and it is not allowed to go uphill. 5. The relationship between load and lifting height When the lifting height of the lithium pallet truck is less than 3.3m, the maximum load capacity of the truck is the rated load capacity, and overloading is strictly prohibited. When the lifting height of the lithium pallet truck is more than 3.3m, the load capacity of the truck is less than the rated load capacity. Note: When the fork lift height exceeds 500mm, the car must travel at the lowest speed, and the continuous walking distance must not exceed 2m. Failure to follow these rules will result in serious danger to the driver or other personnel. Second, it may damage vehicles and goods.
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