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Three precautions for using diesel forklifts in winter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-29
1. In winter, the temperature is low. For forklifts stored in the open or under poor heating conditions, the viscosity of forklift engine oil, transmission oil of gearbox, gear oil of drive axle, hydraulic oil of hydraulic system and lubricating grease will increase. Large, increase the running resistance and reduce the work efficiency; the poor vaporization performance of diesel will also cause difficulty in starting the engine. The metal and rubber parts of the forklift have a tendency to become brittle under low temperature conditions, so the parts and tires are also easily damaged. 2. In winter, heavy wind, fog, snow, and icing will affect the sight of forklift drivers, and due to freezing and snow on the road, road adhesion is reduced, wheels are prone to side slip and skidding, especially the braking distance It is longer, which brings difficulties to the safe operation of the driver.  3. Due to the cold weather, forklift drivers are prone to chills, shrinking hands and feet during work, easy to simplify operating procedures, and wear more, especially when getting in and out of the vehicle, which may cause bumps and injuries.
10 Points for Attention in the Use of Diesel Engine
1. After a new machine or overhaul, the diesel forklift diesel engine cannot be operated at full load and high speed from the beginning. It must be run in at low speed and light load for 50 hours before it can be transferred to normal operation. 2. Ensure that the fuel is clean, and filter it through sedimentation or silk cloth if necessary. 3. Ensure normal water temperature (70-80℃) and lubricating oil pressure (0.2-0.4MPa at medium speed). 4. If an abnormality is found during the operation of the diesel forklift, stop and check immediately. 5. It is not advisable to use 'hard water' as cooling water to prevent limescale and reduce the service life of diesel forklift engines. 6. Check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil in the oil pan is between the two engraved lines on the dipstick and is close to the upper engraved line. After the diesel engine of a new engine or a diesel forklift that has been out of service for a long time is filled with lubricating oil, it will stop after running at low speed for 5-10 minutes, and then measure the oil level with a dipstick. 7. Check the water volume of the radiator. 8. Check the lubricating oil level in the fuel injection pump of the diesel forklift, and add it to the specified position if it is insufficient. 9. Eliminate the phenomenon of three leaks (oil, water, gas). 10.Check the sturdiness of diesel lithium pallet truck parts and accessories.
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