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Be careful when driving and operating electric forklifts. Safety accidents are not trivial.

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-08
Pay attention to pedestrians around the electric pallet truck, and be careful not to hurt others. Pay attention to your own safety and don't hurt yourself. Make sure your head, feet and arms are inside the cockpit. Do not pass your hands or feet through the door frame. Pay attention to the road conditions in the direction you are driving. Driving is allowed only when the mast is tilted back and the fork is lowered. Never lift the fork and then drive, or tilt the mast forward when the mast is raised.   Brake the forklift gently and carefully to prevent the cargo from tipping over.   When turning, the driving speed should be reduced and the turning radius should be as large as possible to prevent the forklift from tipping over. Be especially careful when driving on gravel, smooth or uneven roads to prevent the forklift from tipping over. When parking the forklift, please pay attention to the following items:    pull down the hand brake and press the power cut-off switch to completely lower the fork and turn off the fire/unplug the key. Battery charging precautions:   no open flame, dark fire or sparks close to the battery shall not place any foreign objects or tools on the battery for charging The area should maintain good ventilation. It has been committed to the production and research and development of electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, picking equipment, electric tractors, and AGV unmanned automation equipment. The products have more than 80 electric pallet truck specifications and are supplied in large quantities. Domestic and foreign markets, especially in Saudi Arabia, Brazil and other foreign airports have realized the supply and service of a full set of towing vehicles. Its advanced technology, exquisite design, superior performance and quality all reflect the company's research and development capabilities and excellent manufacturing. Level. The company not only provided tens of thousands of excellent handling equipment and unmanned vehicles to domestic and foreign customers, but also invested heavily in scientific research. It has won a number of scientific and technological invention awards and new practical technology certificates, as well as national special equipment production licenses. Certificates, and with the massive support of the government, focus on the research and development of more advanced intelligent logistics handling equipment, advanced logistics management systems and construction programs, which will surely provide more enterprises with high-level 4.0 manufacturing services.
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