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Brief analysis: what is the difference between electric forklift and manual forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-01
Stackers refer to industrial vehicles that load, unload, stack, and stack goods, electric forklifts refer to forklifts that use electricity to perform operations, and forklifts generally refer to various mechanical vehicles that can be stacked and transported. VOLOX (Shanghai) Vileco) is a professional manufacturer of stackers and electric forklifts. Its products have passed CE certification and quality is guaranteed. Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to electric handling vehicles, stacking vehicles, picking equipment, towing vehicles, The production and research and development of AGV unmanned automation equipment, the products reach more than 80 specifications, and they are supplied to domestic and foreign markets in large quantities, especially in Saudi Arabia, Brazil and other foreign airports. The exquisite design, superior performance and quality all reflect the company's research and development capabilities and excellent manufacturing level. Service hotline: 0551-82855638, welcome new and old customers to call for consultation.
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